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What is Kicking AIDS Out! and how did it start
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Kicking AIDS Out is an international network of 22 member organisations working together to use sport and physical activity as a means of raising awareness about HIV and AIDS and motivating positive behaviour change in youth. The Kicking AIDS Out network believes that sport and physical activity are effective ways of attracting youth while serving as creative mediums to facilitate and share positive messages about HIV and AIDS and other critical health issues affecting youth.

Kicking AIDS Out promotes the use of sport as a tool for development. Kicking AIDS Out uses sport as a way of bringing people together to have fun, learn sports related skills and discuss social issues that is relevant to them. The aim is  to deliver knowledge and practical skills about how to live a positive and healthy life. Peer to peer methodolgy has always been the key to the success of the Kicking AIDS Out! youth leadership. The concept goes beyond HIV and AIDS education and places a strong emphasis on facilitating the development of life skills in youth.



The Network is governed by the General Assembly that meets Biennially. The member organisations have one vote per organisation and the implementing, associate and funding members are equal. Ahead of the General Assembly the member organisations nominate delegates for the next two years Kicking AIDS Out Advisory Committee. Reports, strategic documents, curriculums and policies are reviewd or drafted. The General Assembly will pass documents and not least elect a new Advisory Committee. Currently the Advisory Committee is chaired by Mr Andre Collins (CSDA), Vice Chair is Ms Margaret Eastgate (ONOC), other members are Mr Patrick Mweshi (Edusport), Mr Edwin Wasonga (MYSA), Ms Carla Thachuk (CGC), Mr Joseph Muchechetere (SRC) and Ms Clare Barell (UK Sport).  The role of the Advisory Committee is to advise the Secretariat in regards to the strategic direction of the Network.


The Membership has over the years developed several Policies and are involved in several foras in regards to safe spaces for the participants, the coaches and leaders. Child Protection Policy Kicking AIDS Out! 2013.rtf HIV and AIDS Policy Kicking AIDS Out! v2 2012.rtf


The Mission Statement of Kicking AIDS Out is:

To provide a platform for sharing, learning, cooperation and visibility among organisations that use sport to empower and positively influence the lives of young people.

Quality sport programs are offered by member organizations which are used as a vehicle to facilitate life skills and leadership education. Effective member organizations make use of the Kicking AIDS Out concept to enhance and deepen the life skills development that is already inherent to participation in sport. 

This is often achieved through the facilitation of intentional health and life skills learning objectives through movement games and sport activities that are then constructively debriefed in safe small group discussions about the various learning moments of a particular sport drill, movement game, activity or workshop. 

Kicking AIDS Out, as stated in its Mission Statement, is designed to offer creative sport and physically activity programs to yougn people with a strong focus on participation and learning. Through the concept, sport and play provide the opportunities for active learning and life skills development.

The program was initiated in Southern Africa and has to be adapted to context. Therefore language, religion, and culture continue to be addressed in the Network and needs more examination. The member organisation in the Pacific has fully integrated the program in own context while members in the Caribbean and Vietnam have begun the process of adapting the current curriculum to be relevant for their specific context in which they are offering sport for development programming.


OUR Story

Kicking AIDS Out was an initiative of the Edusport Foundation(a Zambian Sports NGO) which was supporteed by NORAD (the Norwegian Development Agency) in 2001, in co-operation with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). The Kicking AIDS Out initiative has grown to become an international network of organizations rallying around the power of sport to effect positive change in communities.  The Kicking AIDS Out Network was established in Nairobi Kenya in 2001 where the first formal Network meeting took place hosted by Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA). Kicking AIDS Out Network partners, associates and members are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Norway, South Africa, Tanzania, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and many countries in the Caribbean including Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad.

Between July and December 2010 Brenda M Chipande wrote the 10 years history for the Nework. Brenda interviewed members from all regions that has been involved historically read the story The Kicking AIDS Out Network 2001-2011.pdf.

The network shares information and best practices about the use of sport and physical activity in addressing HIV and AIDS, promotes policy development, shares resource materials and supports local community based projects. It provides a forum for exchange between organisations from different countries and continents – as equal partners – with different contributions. If your organisations want to become a member you need to follow a six step process. Read more about it in this Application form for Organisations applying to become a Member of the KAO Network.doc.